Since 1985 our company has been providing a wide range of services in tilt-up construction and have designed many structures in concrete, steel, concrete blocks and wood construction. Tilt-up is our specialty, and since 1985 we have completed structural engineering design and detailing for 1.50 million square feet each year, with a total of approximately 25 million square feet of tilt-up buildings. We have designed a wide range of structures from one to three stories of commercial, manufacturing, industrial, office and medical buildings, a recycling plant and gymnasium.

As part of our experience providing services in this specialty, we have designed tenant improvements that are unique and require knowledge of codes and materials, construction know-how, field experience and sound engineering judgment.

Tenant improvements designed and constructed are not limited to expanding mezzanine floors, adding new second floors, exterior fašade improvements which include saw cutting of existing tilt-up panels, overhead traveling cranes in panelized roof construction, and overhead conveyer system for open steel hybrid roof truss system. Our company has also completed projects that required adding to the clearance height of existing structures, designed underground facilities and pits in existing structure and designed new truck well with dock-high condition, where panels were increased in depth.

After the January 17, 1994 Northridge earthquake, we became involved extensively with seismic retrofit of pre-1976 tilt-up buildings that were designed and constructed under the building codes in effect prior to January 1, 1976. We have done seismic evaluation and designed upgrades for over 85 damaged buildings within a 15mile radius of the Northridge earthquake epicenter.

This is the quality experience you need to help you with your tilt-up projects. The structural calculations compiled for each project are about 80 percent performed with proprietary programs developed for tilt-up projects and the result is a text-book like presentation and accuracy which is always welcomed by Plan Checkers.